Who Am I?

I am a woman, a daughter, a granddaughter, a sister, an aunt, and a niece; I am writer of fiction, fantasy, science fiction, and horror stories and books; I am an artist and a creator of stories, conlangs, and fictional worlds; I have died and have been brought back to life; I suffer from PTSD, severe depression, and incapacitating chronic pain; I am a survivor.

I love to learn. I love ancient history, ancient languages (and modern ones, too) and this amazingly diverse world. I love to do calligraphy, to sketch, to paint, and to use colored pencils on either my own pictures or on images someone else created (it’s excellent therapy especially when watching the television). I have been in love with writing since I was seven years old – I have been in love with the genre of fantasy since three years old when “The Hobbit” was read to my brother and I as our bed time story.

I love much of life and most things make-believe. I was introduced to the world of Dungeons & Dragons when I was nine, or eight, or ten-ish; my father and his best friend played table-top “war games” based upon history’s conflicts on Friday nights, and when a new book was published (Chainmail was the name, I think, maybe) with similar rules, but instead of moving tanks across terrain types, dwarves, elves, hobbits and humans explored ancient ruins or nefarious castles and the dungeons below, they turned their attention to the new rules. And, rather than be constantly pestered by my brother and I (he was just a year and a few months younger than me) every time my parents, an aunt, and a few friends played games on the weekends, we were presented with our very own copy of the “blue box” of Dungeons & Dragons. Being the older sister, I “got stuck” with the job of “Dungeon Master” and once I understood what was involved, I began my life-long obsession with drawing maps (of everything from shacks to dungeons to continents), creating new races, devising devious and complicated arch-villains, and making runes and archaic symbols to be deciphered by whomeverhappened to encounter them. Once some time passed and we got a few friends interested, we started a round-robin style of running the games, handing off the job of running a game (like Gamma World or Car Wars, eventually G.U.R.P.S. and Traveller, and even another science fiction game and a detective game (I’ve forgotten the names of both of them in the intervening years)). Nothing, however, was quite as fun as running a good ol’ Advanced Dungeons & Dragons game.

Let’s see … what else “About Me” is there to add?